School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports

What is SWPBS?

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures.

SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

When SWPBS is implemented well, teachers and students have more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. Students and staff benefit from:

- increased respectful and positive behaviour
- increased time focused on instruction
- improved social-emotional wellbeing
- positive and respectful relationships among students and staff
- increased adoption of evidence-based instructional practices
- a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased attendance

Our Matrix &
Tiered Approach to Wellbeing and Learning

Our Matrix is a working document that is continuously reviewed and made changes to in accordance to the current practice at Newport Gardens Primary School. These behaviours have been identified by the school community as the ones that all students at Newport Gardens Primary School will display and represent.

This enables teachers to have a clear and consistent approach to managing behaviour across the school, as well as giving ownership to the students. Teachers break down and discuss what this chart is with the students in their classroom at the start of each year.

Values Captains & Staff Working Party

We have six Values Captains from year six along with six staff members. The jobs they work through together are:

- Assembly announcements for:
- Class Dojo winners
- SWPBS awards
- Library awards
- Specialist awards
- SWPBS Trophy
- Organise and implement school events (RUOK Day)
- Model our school values at all times

Our Acknowledgement System

‘Success breeds success’.

In classroom and non-classroom spaces, we recognise the efforts and examples of our learners showing the expected behaviours, demonstrated in our matrix. These are the behaviours that we value at Newport Gardens Primary School

When staff see these behaviours, we reward children with a values token. These tokens represent their efforts in demonstrating RESEPCT, RESPONSIBILITY, EXCELLENCE or INCLUSION.

Staff use a school-wide digital sheet to keep track of our tokens however we display within our classrooms a running sheet so that children can monitor their own progress towards a reward or a wristband!

Towards the end of each term the learners of NGPS are able to ‘spend’ their tokens on a variety of people-based experiences as outlined in our Acknowledgement Chart. Often times children will combine their tokens with a peer so that they can share in a classroom experience with their friends as a group.

Each assembly, we recognise the efforts of our learners by awarding certificates under each of our values. Our specialist team also celebrate the behaviour and learning of the children they have worked with across the learning week.

When a child receives 30 of a value token, they are given a wristband that proudly displays the value they have been showing. These special bands are given to individual students in their classrooms by our leadership group.

Whole School Acknowledgements