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Newport Gardens
Primary School.

Nurturing our future


We value

Growth - Improvement - Inclusion



promoting positive behaviours
through our support matrix.

2024 School Term Dates

Term 1, 29th Jan - 28th March | Term 2, 15th April - 28th June | Term 3, 15th July - 20th Sep | Term 4, 7th Oct - 20th Dec


We show empathy and kindness to all members of our community.


We care for ourselves, our learning and our environment.


We have high expectations for learning and strive to grow and understand.


We believe all are equal and communication and teamwork is our strength.

School Bell Times

Start of Day: 8.50am | Recess: 10.50am - 11.20am | Lunch: 1.20 - 2pm | End of Day: 3pm

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What our kids think about NGPS

"I love how the teachers are nice, and I have lots of friends. I enjoy inquiry because we get to do lots of projects".

LaylaGrade 5

"I feel safe at this school and all the teachers treat us equally. No one treats anyone differently no matter who they are".

YazGrade 6

"I love how the teachers teach things for the age group. If you lose a friend, you can just make new friends and you won’t feel lonely".

EmilyGrade 6

"All the teachers make everything fun and they respect everybody. People aren’t disrespectful to anyone".

LucasGrade 6

"I love how the school is really clean and everyone is picking up the rubbish. Everyone is kind and includes each other group activities and when playing outside".

DarcyGrade 6

"I love how there are lot of people here and the teachers are always calm and keen to help everybody".

CamaroGrade 6

"The teachers support the students when they need help".

EmilieGrade 6

"I love how in Prep there is lots of space to have fun and play sport".

ArchieGrade 5

"I love this school because the teachers are really nice and make learning fun".

WillowGrade 5

"I also love the specialists because they teach us new skills".

AshleyGrade 5

"There a lot of plants around at our school and it is really good for the environment. I also enjoy how everyone helps each other when we’re playing outside".

MishaGrade 3

"There are lot of kind people and people are really responsible. I love how the teachers and the Principal are really nice".

RosieGrade 3

"I love how the Junior School Council have come up with really good ideas to make our school the best it can be".

NicholasGrade 3

"There are lots of clubs that you can go to at snack and lunch".

EddieGrade 3

"I love how there is lots of space to have fun. We have lots of books because it helps you learn".

SamGrade 3

"I love how there are lots of good resources to learn. The school library is great because there are a lot non-fiction books".

LilaGrade 3

"I love how our school is really big and it is really clean. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support means a lot to us and it helps".

RubyGrade 4

"We have good teachers and they are good at encouraging you. Our clubs are great".

CharlotteGrade 4

"I love how teachers help you out with your learning. We have a good matrix that helps learn".

DaneGrade 4

"All the kids are nice and kind. We also have nice school leaders . All the kids are really honest here".

BenGrade 4

"I love how we have fun specialist classes and clubs at snack and lunch".

PennyGrade 1

"I love how we get awarded for doing a good job".

EthanGrade 1

"Our SWPBS shop is great!"

DilonGrade 1

"I love how it is fun to play on the play equipment. We like to do lots of writing because we can make lots of stories".

JonahGrade 1

"I love reading because we learn new things".

GeorginaGrade 1

"I love how the teachers are caring and nice. There are many educational and physical things that we do".

JackGrade 6

"We can learn by also having fun. You can make new friends, and everyone is kind to each other. We like how we get lots of specialists".

AmyGrade 3

"I love how it is very educational in learning and in sport. Everyone keeps the school clean and tidy because they care".

CocoGrade 5

"I love how our school is very big and how everyone keeps it clean. Everyone shares their ideas on ways to improve the school".

HaydenGrade 5

Effective Teaching

Our students believe that the teachers at NGPS are effective and competent.

High Expectations

Students believe that our school helps them reach high expectations within their learning.



Promoting positive behaviour

Students at NGPS believe that the school consistently promotes positive behaviours linked to SWPBS and fosters a safe a secure learning environment.





Child Safety Statement:

Newport Gardens Primary School is committed to a zero tolerance of child abuse and creating an inclusive school culture that promotes child safety. Our vision of Nurturing Our Future supports our focus of including people of all abilities, and promotes the cultural safety of individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Get in touch with us:

Address | Corner of Maddox Rd & Woods St, Newport VIC 3015
Phone | (03) 9391 2168
Fax | (03) 9391 8979
Email | newport.gardens.ps@education.vic.gov.au