NGPS Dress Code

The school shall offer graduation tops that may be purchased by students in grade 6. The design of these tops will be influenced by student discussion with the final design being approved by the principal or their representative. These tops will be ordered no later than March of any given year.

Stud earrings or sleepers, worn in the ears, watches and discreet necklaces are the only jewellery to be worn.
Students are able to wear runners or leather school shoes of their choice. All shoes must be closed toe. Sandals, thongs, high heel shoes or high leg boots are not acceptable.

Students are to have natural hair colours. Outlandish hairstyles or colours are not permitted except for approved school activities. It is highly recommended that long hair be tied back using sensible hair ties or scrunchies to prevent the spread of head lice. We encourage hair accessories such as clips, headbands, scrunchies and elastics to be in navy, turquoise or white.

Make up must not be worn by students at the school except for approved school activities.

Headscarves worn by students must be navy-blue, white or orange.

School sports tops are available for students in grades 3-6 and must only be worn for physical education, inter/intra-school sport or when representing the school at sports carnivals.

Whilst recommended, sports tops are not compulsory and student participation in these events or activities will not be affected if students do not have the optional sports top.

Pants and shorts may be sourced from a supplier other than our official supplier so long as they match the style and colour of our school uniform. All items above the waist including all jumpers, windcheaters, polo shirts and hats must be purchased through our supplier as they include our school logo.

The school bag with logo is highly recommended as it is specifically designed for comfort, back safety and durability. Parents choosing not to purchase the school bag may purchase a plain navy blue bag instead.

During terms 1 & 4, students must wear the approved school hat when outside.

During casual clothes days, students must still cover their shoulders and mid-riff, wear closed toe footwear, be Sunsmart in terms 1 and 4 and not have any offensive material on their clothing.

Navy-blue or white tights are part of our school uniform; however leggings are not and should not be worn to school.

Below is a list of items from our official school supplier:

  • Short and long sleeve polo shirt with embroidered logo
  • Zip jacket with embroidered logo
  • Polar fleece jacket with embroidered logo
  • Polar fleece vest with embroidered logo
  • V-neck windcheater with embroidered logo
  • Cargo shorts
  • Rugby shorts
  • Double knee tracksuit pants with cuff
  • Double knee tracksuit pants with straight leg
  • Cargo pants
  • Skorts
  • Bootleg pants
  • Summer dress - To be worn with navy blue or white tights or socks. Not to be worn with pants or leggings
  • Winter tunic -To be worn with a white or turquoise skivvy or long or short sleeved polo shirts. Tights or socks are to be navy blue or white (Leggings are not permitted).

Approved accessories include:

  • Navy blue winter tights (Leggings are not to be worn)
  • Broad Brimmed hat with embroidered logo
  • Polar fleece beanie with embroidered logo
  • Explorer backpack with embroidered logo